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About us
Company History
Business Philosophy
HUMAN ETAP Ltd Company was founded in 2005. with the help of an advisory company and two private individuals, who took part in the hungarian economic and organisational development and privatization process from the beginning. They have taken part in the building of mandatory and voluntary pension funds from the middle of 90s. The HUMAN ETAP Company was definitely founded to carry out HR activities on a high level.

HUMÁN ETAP Kft. Identification data:

Company ID: 01-09-864000

Tax ID: 13606527-2-41

Bank Account Number: CIB 10700457-43222100-51100005

The number of headhunting and recruitment function is in inland and EU: 12569-2/2011-5100-792

Tel./Fax: 1-272-0313
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