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The HUMAN ETAP Ltd is a small PEO company that solves the complex needs of its clients with the help of cooperating partners, subcontractors by staff leasing, recruitment, placement and etc.

We keep an eye on the satisfaction of our clients, therefore we select the applicants and subcontractors for the appropriate field together with our clients.

Depending on the complexity of the task and their needs, our clients can request hourly or pay for performance wage for temporary and permanant jobs.

Our company offers the following tasks in our 2 major business units

  1. Outsourcing and recruitment business unit
    • preparation and regulation of outsourcing
    • data entry of accounts and reports
    • filing/recording/registration
    • archivation of data, scanning, indexing
    • document preparation, task concerning archivation, post opening
    • telephone sales
    • call center operations, customer services
    • assistant tasks (health fund, financial, managerial)

  2. Advisory business unit
    • making organizational and operational rules
    • managing contribution in kind
    • company valuation
    • help int he process of a company‚Äôs transformation into another type of company
    • bookkeeping and accounting tasks
    • payroll calculation and tax return tasks
    • econmic-organizational analysis of companys and processes
    • writing business plans, credit requests, tenders and competitions
    • organizational development, regulation
    • cafeteria, additional benefits
Tel./Fax: 1-272-0313
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